Custom Mahogany Kitchen Build, Post 11: Drawer Slide Install

This is the eleventh post in a series documenting my method of construction for an entire set of custom kitchen cabinets. This series is not intended to be a full how-to tutorial, but rather to show the sequence of steps using photos and commentary. You can find all the posts in the series here. Please comment below or send follow-up questions to


I now will use the Festool LR32 system to locate the Blum Tandem soft-close drawer slides. These are heavy duty, high quality slides that I highly recommend and use on all my cabinet projects.

As it happens, any hole created using the same settings as for the hinge plates will also locate the hole at the proper depth to install these slides. It is necessary to mark on the guide rail which hole and remember to account for which side of the cabinet is being drilled.

The drawer slide can now be placed on the panel and screwed into the hole that was just made using the same mounting screw as for the hinge plates. The screw mounts through the fourth hole in from the edge on the drawer slide, leaving about 3mm between the front of the slide and the edge of the panel.

I square the drawer slide relative to the edge of the panel using my combination square and 24” straightedge.

I drill two more mounting holes, one in the middle and one at the far end. Three screws to secure these slides is plenty. For these I use my cordless drill and a Vix piloting bit. These holes will receive a #6 x 5/8” mounting screw, different from the 6 x 13mm Euro screw used in the first hole.

Thanks for reading. Next I will cut the slot for the cabinet backs with the router.