Custom Mahogany Kitchen Build, Part 7: Trimming Edge Banding

This is the seventh post in a series documenting my method of construction for an entire set of custom kitchen cabinets. This series is not intended to be a full how-to tutorial, but rather to show the sequence of steps using photos and commentary. You can find all the posts in the series here. Please comment below or send follow-up questions to


There are a number of ways to remove the excess edge banding material. By far the best method I have found is using my little Festool MFK700 router shown below.

With the zero-degree base, the bearing guide, and the edge trimming bit installed, this tool makes quick, accurate, safe, and dust-controlled work of removing the excess wood. I adjust the cutter height to leave just barely a thumbnail of trim remaining above the plywood. The green dial next to my thumb allows the height to be adjusted by tenths of a millimeter. This tool is a major timesaver for me.

Next I begin sanding each panel using my Festool RS2E ½ sheet sander. The outside of each panel I sand at 100 grit and stop. That will get sanded again after the cabinet is assembled. This inside of each panel gets sanded at 100, 150, and 220.

This handy garage keeps my sander and supply of sandpaper close at hand but out of my way when not in use.