Custom Mahogany Kitchen Build, Part 8: Staining Panels

This is the eighth post in a series documenting my method of construction for an entire set of custom kitchen cabinets. This series is not intended to be a full how-to tutorial, but rather to show the sequence of steps using photos and commentary. You can find all the posts in the series here. Please comment below or send follow-up questions to


I don’t always stain, but when I do I use this oil-based gel stain called Jel’d Stain. To achieve an authentic mahogany color I mix equal parts of the Brown Mahogany color with the Red Mahogany color in this ice cream container. I love both Talenti ice cream and their containers.

I rub one coat of stain in with a rag and wipe off the excess with another rag. The resulting color on this already reddish-brown wood is really beautiful.

And a closeup.

This stain should dry for at least 24 hours before finish is applied.

Thanks for reading. Next I will apply the finish to these same pieces